Roon Nucleus Persistently Not Visible On Network

I have a Nucleus+ that is connected to my router via an ethernet cable and a network switch. I control it using the Roon app on an iPad, iPhone or laptop (depending on what’s nearest to hand). The Nucleus fell off the network yesterday and has since defied all attempts to reconnect it. I have disconnected and reconnected everything on multiple occasions (all the way back to the router) and have even tried connecting the Nucleus to the router directly. It still fails to be visible on the network and is obviously unreachable through the app (which remains stuck at the “remote connection” page) or via its normal IP address. Are there any tricks that I’m missing or is there something wrong with it? It has worked just fine up to this point. Thanks!

Connect it to a TV or monitor and boot it up and see what it says.

Thanks for that Ged. I have since connected it to a monitor via one of the HDMI ports and got no signal at all. I tried the other HDMI port and got the same. Basically, all I get when I switch it on (part from the on/off button being lit) is a blinking green light and a constant amber one next to the Ethernet port.

Unfortunately this sounds like a hardware failure if you see nothing at all on the screen when you start the Nucleus up.
How old is it and where did you purchase it from?

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It’s about 2 years old, purchased from HiFi Lounge in England. I’ll give the dealer a call and see if he can offer any advice. Unfortunately, I think you may be right re. it being a hardware issue. It does seem somewhat dead! Cheers.

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