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Back from holidays my Nucleus does not work anymore.
Not blue light at the back even after pushing the switch, the back button don’t work even after long press (20 seconds).

Power supply has been tested and give 19V.

Any idea?

Hook up a tv/monitor and look for signs of life. If there are none, remove the m2 drive and check again. If you now see some messages displayed, the m2 is faulty. However! It’s a nucleus! I’d contact your supplier for support.

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could be toast…and if its a Rev A quite possibly out of warranty by now too.


I’m sorry you’re down! I second the motion from @mikeb to try connecting it to a monitor or TV via HDMI. It will let us know if it’s truly dead if nothing is displayed on the screen.

If you get nothing there may be an issue with the motherboard. It’s possible to reset the CMOS but the process is very involved and will include using thermal tape to resecure the processor. Let me know if you want to go this route and I will get you some steps/directions.


I’m not aware about computing but I’m ready to learn if it’s not to difficult (I have no PC, but only an iMac and I’m ready to follow your steps/directions)
If possible I prefer to have my unit repaired by a professionnal.
I’ve called French distributor, he don’t want to repair a Nucleus I didn’t buy from him; do you know someone else in France to fix the Nucleus?.

Hi @Michel_BRIEX,

There are lots of dealers in France that could help. I’ll leave it up to you to determine the geographically best choice but the Dealer locator - Roon Labs should show you some more options.


I’ve called three French dealers. None of them want to fix or help me to fix it as my Nucleus was bought used and abroad.This is not a very good image for Roon products in France.
Probably I’ll try to do it by myself.
I need your help for that. (It seems it could be a motherboard problem. Where is it possible to buy a new one?)
Thanks for your help

I understand the frustration and it’s certainly not a pleasant experience.

There are risks involved when buying 2nd hand and abroad. You probably did it because it was a good deal, but that implies situations like these when things go wrong. Something about having cakes and eating them…

I’m sure that one way or the other, the unit can get repaired. Be it via Roon, or a computer repair shop that can help out. You can probably do it urself too. It’s a fairly simple procedure.

I think it’s fixable, the most common problem seems to be the M2 boot/os drive going bad. Hang in there, I’m sure Roon want it to work too. @Wes

I think the first thing to check is to see what’s gone wrong: is it the M.2 SSD or is it a problem with the motherboard.

To do that, follow @mikeb’s advice that he posted earlier in this thread: remove the M.2 SSD and see if you get messages displayed on the TV/monitor.

If you do, then the M.2 is the problem. If you don’t, then there’s an issue with the motherboard. In that case, the next thing to try would be a CMOS reset, and @Wes will give you instructions for this.

Hi @Michel_BRIEX,

This is something you can try on your own and hopefully will do the trick. Please be sure to follow the directions closely.

Before you start you will need to acquire some thermal paste:

Here is the step by step video:

If you don’t feel comfortable doing these things, most small PC repair shops would be able to help and they likely already have the thermal paste for the job.

Please let us know if you need any further guidance and best wishes.


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