Roon Nucleus Plus Drop Outs Returned

Today I took my nucleus plus over to a friend to show him what Roon was all about. I connected it to his Yamaha receiver via HDMI and everything worked perfectly. He will be buying a unit in the next few months for his library. When I came home I reconnected the unit to my new Marantz pre/pro, the AV8805 and the unit seemed to have trouble reestablishing a connection to my home network and the Marantz unit, but after several reboots that seemed to smooth out. Unfortunately the occasional brief dropouts that occur in pairs a few seconds apart and every couple of tracks is now recurring. This is the issue I had when I initially setup the unit. The nucleus plus is connected to my AV8805 via HDMI also. When you opened a ticket with support last time they corrected something and the problem was completely fixed until I connected the unit to my friends receiver. Please correct it again and let me know if I should not use it to demo for anyone else. Thank you very much.

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