Roon Nucleus Plus - Web Interface

With an eBay auction I purchased a Roon Nucleus Plus (opened, never used). Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. It is not possible to access the web interface from the roon app or PC.
I have little time to find a solution before returning and refunding.
Do you have any advice for me?
Thanks in advance.

One possibility is that it’s broken. Connect a monitor or TV by HDMI and boot the Nucleus. It should display some status information. (If there is nothing, something is broken).

If you do get status info, it’s possible that the previous owner set up a static IP on the device. You can reset this like this:

I tried with HDMI both with TV and PC, but nothing, black screen.
I also tried disconnecting the battery, but always black screen and restart with no possibility of the web interface.
I will have to return it and ask for a refund.
Tell me, but is a Nuc i5 8250U that much inferior to the Nuclues Plus?
Because I could continue using the Nuc and stop thinking about the Nuclues.

The Nucleus+ has, as far as I know, an 8th gen i7. I don’t know the precise model, but I think something like an i7-8559U. This would be noticeably faster (Single thread rating counts) according to:

I‘d make it depend on whether your NUC is lacking performance für your own use cases.

:+1: Thanks

No, the 8559U is the NUC8i7BEx processor. Nucleus Plus is based on NUC7i7BNx, hence 7567U if Rev A or is based on NUC7i7DNx, hence 8650U if Rev B.


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Oh ok, thanks. @MARCO_GENTILINI, in which case the difference is small, here for the rev B.

There isn’t a big difference between the two.
I will continue to use my fanless i5 8250U.
In the meantime I continue to look for an unused Nucleus Plus at a reasonable price, I hope for luck.

But I photographed the inside of a Nucleus Plus Rev. B that doesn’t work and I see that it is a Nuc7i7DNB.

Intel says that’s nevertheless with the i7-8650U

Yes, just as I stated…


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