Roon Nucleus+ problem connecting to a Lynx Hilo USB DAC

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Media library on an external WD USB drive.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Lynk Hilo USB DAC.

Description Of Issue
Hello friends.
I bought Roon Nucleus+ and I have a problem with connection it to my DAC Lynx Hilo USB.
Best regards

Hi @Yury_Kochetkov,

What seems to be the issue with the Nucleus? Does the Lynx not show up at all in Roon Settings -> Audio?

Yes. The Nucleus does the Lynx not show up at all.

I don’t think this is Roon related. It might be some aging capacitor in one of your amp channels. Or a somewhat far fetched possibility is some furniture being moved around your right speaker boosting its volume a couple of dBs

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In the same system with Roon installed on Dell with Windows 10 everything is all right. The problem may not be with Roon, but with the computer Mac for sure. Another thing is important to me now. My new Roon Nucleus+ can’t see the DAC Lynk Hilo USB.

The DAC doesn’t mention Linux which is what drives the Nucleus, Mac and Windows only, so I would contact the manufacturer.

Lynx Hilo?

Yes. Lynx Hylo USB.

What to do? I can’t get the nucleus back to the store. I bought it specifically for direct connection to the DAC without computer.

I would suggest talking to Lynx about their Linux support. I may be wrong for the reason but it’s lack of mention of Linux is suggestive of a problem.

A Nucleus IS a computer, running a variant of the Linux OS. It is an Intel NUC motherboard within a solid fanless case, and well chosen hard drive and memory.

Reading their forums, it does seem like it is not really compatible with Linux, as users of Ubuntu and Mint Linux OS, and, users of UltraRendu have been asking the same question and having the same symptoms. Device not seen. I’ve found complaints and pleas for help on their forum dating back to 2015, so I don’t think I’d hold my breath waiting on them for a resolution. Their stance seems to be “we are USB 2.0 compliant with Windows and MacOS”. But, as Ged said, send their tech support a direct email and ask for a direct response to be sure.

What to do. Well, my suggestion would be to keep the Nucleus+ attached via Ethernet. Get yourself a cheap little Windows based machine* on which you will load the Lynx Hilo Windows Drivers and RoonBridge, then connect an ethernet cable to the PC and then USB from the PC to the Hilo Lynx.

You should instantly see it as a network device and be able to play to it.


Is there any difference in sound quality when Nucleus connected directly to the DAC through a high quality USB cable or through a network to the computer?

Most say no. It’s the internet so there will be opinions either way.

Not much of any difference. I tend to keep my core, as Roon generally recommends, away from the listening area, so ethernet to an endpoint for me.

One of Roon’s main suggested setups is for Core >>>Ethernet>>>Endpoint>>USB>>DAC. The point is that while an endpoint might indeed be a computer, it is not doing much processing, as it is mainly directing an incoming ethernet stream out the USB drivers to the DAC. While, a core is doing a lot of processing (which may or may not) cause degraded sound issues to a DAC that is directly connected via USB.

Hi @Yury_Kochetkov,

As others have noted, I would reach out to Lynx support to confirm if the DAC has Linux compatability, if not then adding a Windows Roon Bridge is likely your best bet.

We always suggest using Ethernet when possible (as this has less electrical noise on the line). You can look over our Sound Quality Guide for more information in this regard.

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If I change the USB board to a LT-DANTE board in my Lynx Hilo, will the Nucleus will be able to work with Hilo via an ethernet connection?

Only if the LT-DANTE board is running Roon’s RAAT protocol; which I don’t think it is.

I received answer from lynx studio about USB connection.
Ah, we do not specifically support Linux here. Other users seem to have success with XMOSS drivers.
Is it possible to add this driver to Nucleus?

No, the nucleus runs a roon version of Linux not a standard distribution.

If their USB implementation is USB audio Class 2 compliant it should work out of the box.