Roon Nucleus processor size

Is there a benefit in stepping up the processor power to handle Upscaling functions of a Chord mscaler?

Not sure what you mean.
The m scaler does the work so what would the server difference do?

None at all.

The spec info on roon website mentions something about upscaling for the roon nucleus plus. Why is this? Very poor spec comparison offered By roon for nucleus items.

You don’t need Roon to upscale for you if you already have a hardware upscaling product.

The spec applies to library size and advanced DSP functions. What hardware you use doesn’t really come into that. Pick what you need for your size library.

If you are using an M-scaler + Chord DAC, then you should really not be doing any upsampling on the Roon Core and just send the audio stream untouched to the Chord devices to let them do their thing. Imho, but, I’d bet if you asked Chord they’d say the same.

Replied in a different thread to the same question but the relevant phrase from the roon site about upscaling is.

You paid for some really great hardware that has its own DSP/upsampling

Hardware manufacturers are in a unique position to produce DSP that is tuned to their gear. If you paid for it, use it!

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