Roon Nucleus+ rev B not working

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N+ revB

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Not working

Possibly a little bit more information would assist others to help here?
But let’s cut right to it, can you connect it via HDMI to a TV or monitor and if so what is displayed when you boot up the nucleus?

Hi mate, sorry about that first post - rubbish I know but first time posting.

Roon won’t be recognised. Totally out of the blue. Worked for 2 yrs plus no issue.

Can confirm power etc good. Took back off roon nuc and it is lighting on inside.

Did the connect to screen already. Has Roon on screen and setup in cnr but cannot use a mouse despite icon to connect to it and press enter.

After a while then get “boot and select proper boot device” Just repeats entire message when key entered.

Seems toast for no apparent reason.

Cheers, Rod

Not much help by the looks of it.

Does anybody know how to contact Roon direct for assistance or is this it?

Let’s tag @support for you here although with the latest release they have been very busy so a little patience is required unfortunately.

Cheers @AceRimmer .

Hi @rodders,

Are you getting beyond the Roon logo? If so, can you post a pic of what you see for us here?

Since you’re not in the US, the RMA process won’t work for us. I’ll give you a diagnosis though and your local dealer should be able to assist if self-help isn’t a route you’d like to go.


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Thanks @Wes .

I do get the “ROON” screen but then goes to as follows. No matter what key is pressed, it simply keeps repeating.

On the opening “ROON” screen, I see setup in the corner however when a mouse icon appears (I then connect one to Nuc USB, it doesn’t respond or move.

This definitely looks like there is an issue with the Nucleus SSD, and it needs replacing. @Wes will follow up with you on possible next steps.

Thanks @Geoff_Coupe

@Wes , any update at all? Thanks, Rod

Hi @rodders ,

@Geoff_Coupe is correct here. Unfortunately, that screenshot is a sign of an M.2 SSD issue.

Since you’re located outside the United States, you would need to reach out to the Roon dealer who you got the unit from to start an RMA case with them.

Any questions, please let us know.

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