Roon Nucleus Rev. B

I bought a week ago a Roon Nucleus and I’m also familiar with the Roon app.
Lots of questions, lots of settings :wink:
I have first problem with my DAC dCS Bartok reads only DSD files up to 128, I have a lot of DSD512 files and with downsampling Nuclesus jams no. Can I set up something in Ronn without any harm to quality thanks. So what do you think of downsampling? Isn’t it better to feed DAC naiv DSD?

You might try a network option like RPi or SOtM or sonore Ethernet to usb bridge. Nucleus + should cope with dsd downsampling, but also make sure you have parallelize sigma delta turned on in the dsp settings as this might be all you need.

Roon os might not support full native dsd so DoP @ 256 might be you only option as is

Hi, thanks for the quick answer. This is how I have now turned on the parallel sigma data and it works. But can this switch affect the sound quality?
Well, you’re thinking about buying all higher quality DSD files and then downsampling them.

Yes it affects the sound quality so it shouldn’t stutter now. What was the processing speed indicated in the signal path without PSD ticked and with…for ideal playback the speed needs to be above 1.3-1.4 X

Hi @Tomek_Brodecki,

Is DSD working now with Parallize Sigma Delta Modulator on?
Can you share a screenshot of your Signal Path when playing the DSD content?