Roon Nucleus RevB does not appear on network anymore

I was using a Roon Nucleus RevB device until a few days ago.
Today, it does not appear on my network anymore.
By connecting the nucleus on a screen using hdmi, when booting the device, I see a Roon logo appear… and then after 60 sec : “A bootable device has not been detected”
The nucleus system is not connected to any external hard drive. I only use it to stream music from Tidal.
And I did not trigger any software update…
How can I solve this problem?

SSD failure. Reach out to your authorised reseller for repair (or Roon if you bought directly from them).

Ok. That was quick.
Thanks !

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Hey @Thomas_Papadopoulos

Thank you for letting us know - I have received your other ticket and will be responding via email for further information about this.

Thank you!