Roon Nucleus Setup to Mimic Current Roon Core PC Setup

I’m considering a Nucleus purchase but have some setup questions. Here is my current setup:

-Roon Core on Windows PC
-Music library on external USB drive connected to Roon Core PC
-Library interfaces with Lumin T2 streamer through Asset UPNP

My question is, can I perform a similar setup using the Nucleus?

If I have to add new music to my USB HDD, do I have to disconnect it from the Nucleus and reconnect it to my Windows PC to rip new CDs?


Nucleus does not support UPnP, therefore you won’t be able to use Lumin app to access the library on the Nucleus. This is not a problem in case you’ve decided to only use Roon to play music instead of Lumin app.

If you simply want a fanless Core, then buy a NUC10i7 or NUC8i7 with a fanless chassis with no less than 16GB RAM. Install Windows, Roon, and MinimServer (UPnP server).

Thank you. I would only be using the Roon app.

A nucleus does open external storage as a shared drive. You can set this up as a drive letter in a Windows PC (as I have done) so you can just then copy/paste new music to it.

Although, I do want to second Peter’s advice about a new core. But, what is it that you are hoping to achieve by changing to a new core?

My connection doesn’t seem very stable (dropouts), and I’m hoping the Nucleus might help this. I have to use powerline ethernet and I’m not sure this is as stable as I’d like, so I may be wasting money on a Nucleus if I need a direct-wired connection for best stability.

I’ve also read that the Nucleus might sound a bit better than the PC Core.

A nucleus will not help as it is just a PC in a different case. There is no SQ difference.

Your network issues probably stem from the powerline ethernet. Try running an ethernet cable as a test and see if stability improves. Even if you can’t leave the wire there, you will at least know for sure that is what is causing the issue.

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Thanks for that confirmation regarding sound quality, I had my doubts. Definitely will try a wired connection. Thanks for your time.