Roon Nucleus Setup

Hello = I currently have my Roon Core on my Mac Mini. I am taking delivery of a Roon Nucleus today or tomorrow. Do I need to uninstall the Roon Core from my Mac Mini before setting up the Roon Nucleus? If so, how do I do that?
Thank you, Michael

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You might want to read a few of the guides in the Roon Knowledge Base. For example, this one. But first of all, start with this one, and take note of the “how to upgrade the firmware” article.

Thanks for the referrals, Geoff!

I have a question about Nucleus set-up I can’t seem to find addressed anywhere. I know an ethernet CAT5 is best for the connection to the router. My question is: could a wired connection to satellite router (such as Airport Express) be used? The reason I ask is that my main router is on the other end of the house from my hifi system. However, I have an Airport Express in the console with my sound equipment. So if I could connect a Nucleus to the Express, it would then be easy to connect to my Oppo 203 with USB. Am I right?

This type of setup works fine for me. I have an Airport Extreme inside my cabinet that is used as an extension of my wireless LAN. I run a CAT5 out of the back of that unit to my Nucleus.

A wired connection is a wired connection after all, even if it started as wireless.

I do the same thing from my Orbi satellite to my NUC running ROCK. Works great.

Thanks very much for the responses. Very helpful.

One more question. What is the preferred way to connect Nucleus to Oppo 203? USB? Ethernet? HDMI? I noticed the knowledge base recommends a wired connection for best sound.

I don’t know if there is a “correct” way, but “HDMI In” works (at least it did on my 103). I don’t have a manual or access to the internal menu, so I am not sure about USB.

I suggest you try all possibilities. Can’t hurt.

The Oppo UDP-203 does not have a USB DAC option. It does have USB ports, but it can not be used for playback of music (this feature is added to the more expensive UDP-205). The best way to connect the Oppo UDP-203 (or any Roon ready endpoint) to your Roon environment is via its ethernet connection (this should always be used if it is an option). Then you connect the Oppo UDP-203 to your system via HDMI (which I guess it is already; since it is a UHD blu-ray player.

So to sum up; always connect Roon ready devices via cabled ethernet connection when that is an option.