Roon Nucleus stops playing

Nucleus randomly stops playing, and when I access the interface it says initializing.

Rebooting solves probles for a time and then re-occurs.

Coule use some help.


Can you give us some more details about your setup? What kind of networking gear are you using? How many tracks total do you have in your library?

How often does this happen? When this happens are you able to access the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

Happens randomly.
Using ethernet connection to router.
I can access the interface and it shows initializing.
Done about 50 reboots as well as reinstalling OS.
Works o.k. after reboot, sometimnes for an hour and sometimes for a couple of days.


Have about 25000 tracks in library.


Any suggestions to correct this issue?

I’ll be watching this thread because I was having exactly the same problem with my Nucleus two days ago. It’s frustrating because my Nucleus was showing the green light on another page and each time I clicked on it, it would show the ‘Initializing’ screen again.

Hey @NipperDog,

I’m so sorry we didn’t see your post until today… please, accept my sincere apology. I was wondering if things have changed at all on your end: are you still experiencing this issue? If so, would you please let us know? We’d love to help :nerd_face:

No Rebeka, my Nucleus has been working flawlessly for at least a month now. Thanks for asking!

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