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I haven’t used Roon in about 6, or 7 months. Tonight, I tried, and I’m getting this after clicking on “update now”, next to Nucleus. I’ve already done a force manual reboot of the nucleus, twice. (By pressing the power button for 2 seconds, to turn it off.)

Nothing changes.


The issue is that your tablet has been updated to version 2.0, while your Nucleus is still on version 1.8. These are not compatible with each other. You need to first take a decision as to whether you want to remain on version 1.8 or move to version 2.0 for all your devices.

I suggest that you read this article:

Be aware that version 2.0 of Roon requires an “always-on” internet connection, whereas version 1.8 could remain offline for up to 28 days.

Version 1.8 is considered “legacy” and will not be developed further, whereas version 2.0 will.

If you decide to move your Nucleus to version 2.0, then the above article contains the steps that you need to take to do so.


Thank you, sir.

Can you elaborate on the quote above, please? I turn off my Nucleus+, when I’m done using it for the day, using the web interface, through “find”.

My Nucleus+ always has an Ethernet cable connected to it, even when it’s turned off. The Ethernet light on the port is always blinking, even if nucleus+ is off.

On a different note:

So, I got it working:

After turning off the Nucleus+ a third time, by pressing the button, I decided to connect an HDMI to the TV, but it was just some details about the device, nothing much useful for me anyways.

So, I decided to relaunch the Roon app on the iPad, and this time it completed the update. So, I’m on Roon 2.0 now. Same version as the tablet’s version.

If you could explain a little about the “always-on” internet connection, and putting some examples as to what I shouldn’t do, etc, I’d really appreciate it.


It’s just that if Roon 2.0 doesn’t have an internet connection (e.g. if your ISP has an outage), then it doesn’t work at all, not even for playing local files

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Thanks for the reply.

But, I don’t need to keep the nucleus+ turned on, when not in use, right? (example: ON 24/7)


Correct, you don’t have to keep it turned on. (Though if you have a very large library, it may take a bit after turning it on until it is fully operational).

Actually you shouldn’t have to use „find in the web interface“ after turning it on. Once the Nucleus is fully booted, the remote app should normally find it automatically.

And it’s ok if the Ethernet blinks when it’s „off“ but connected to power. It’s actually a low energy state that nearly all computers have. (The network interface still has power so that the computer can be turned on remotely)

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Regarding first paragraph in your reply (I can’t figure out how to do multi-quote :laughing:), Thanks, I hope this doesn’t mean it has to repopulate it every time from zero…

Regarding “find in web interface”: what I meant was, I use it to shut it down, from there, instead of having to do a soft or hard shutdown at the physical power button of the nucleus+.

Thanks, for taking the time to reply, on this Roon staff holiday.

Not from zero. My NUC with ROCK boots in maybe 15 seconds or so until it works (about 50K tracks overall and a few K as local files) but people with huge libraries reported that it can longer up to minutes. It has to read the complete database and load it into RAM.

About the multi quote:

  1. Open the reply box.
  2. Select the text you want to quote. The browser will show a quote button:
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Got it. That works too :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Do you know if “read complete database and load it into RAM” is after pressing the power button to turn it on, plus launching the Roon app? Or does it do it just by powering it on, without launching the Roon app? Just wondering if the “reading” doesn’t start until you launch the Roon app.

Look at you, Mr. Staff Suedkiez! Thanks!:smile::heart:

Happy New Roon Year😄

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It does the whole loading on its own after you press the power button, and a bit later should be ready as soon as you open the remote

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Nice! So, that means I can power it on, and go do something else for a few minutes, and it should be ready, when I’m ready to launch the app.


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I think it might be a good time (better than any, I think), to start thinking seriously about that Wi-Fi extender, for those low signal spots, in my listening room, where the Wi-Fi drops out at times. :wink: (I haven’t tested sonically the 2.0 version, yet, but, seeing this partial quote of your post, I think it’s time to think about a Wi-Fi extender.)


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