Roon Nucleus+ Unable to add music

I just got my Roon Nucleus+ with internal storage today and frustratingly I cant get it to see my music folder on my Mac or upload it to the Nucleus storage.

I’ve tried:

and I get this:

I’ve also tried Adding a Folder into Roon/Settings/Storage/Folders by copying this: Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨BillyO and changing it to this \Users\BillyO

  • I get a “could not connect to network share: host not found” message

If you go to Finder on your Mac can you see the Nucleus under Locations > Network? If so, when you double-click on the icon, use the Connect As... button to connect as Guest.

Should you still have problems please confirm that you are able to go to the Nucleus web page with your browser and that you can access the Nucleus using a Roon remote.

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I had the IP address as a Location in Finder that allowed me to see the file structure of the Nucleus. I hit Connect As and now the Nucleus Icon in locations is gone.

Also I cant access the Nucleus Web Page via the Configure Roon OS Core in Setup but I can via IP address.

All sorted. I had my Nucleus plugged into my modem but the rest of my network is on Google Wifi.

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