Roon Nucleus (Ver B) suddenly died

Roon Core Machine

My Roon Nucleus (Rev B) plus internal SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected via ethernet cable to a Netcomm router.

Connected Audio Devices

Normally connects over local network to clients (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro) and stream music to Naim NDX.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon Apps cannot connect to Roon Core. Router shows that the port the Nucleus is connected to is working, but no device connected. Nucleus has power, and ethernet lights are on. I’ve tried different cables, rebooted/power cycled the router. Can’t access via http://nucleus.local

I’ve connected to a tv via HDMI. Shows Roon splash screen (attached). Via USB keyboard, I attempted to reset networking, but hitting “return” just repeatedly brought up the message “reboot and select proper boot device” (attached), so it was not possible to enter text “reset network”.

From other posts I gather this means a hardware failure @support ?

The unit was purchased 2.5 years ago from a dealer in Bangkok, Thailand. I now live in Melbourne, Australia. How can I arrange service/repair? Thanks.

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There is another alternative if the Nucleus internal drive had died. If you’re up for it, you might replace the drive yourself and install Roon ROCK. Then, Roon can remotely update you to the Nucleus software. This might be desirable since the warranty has presumably expired (2 years).

Let’s see what @support has to offer on this one.

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I don’t think you have warranty for it any more.

Get the smallest capacity version of Samsung 970 to replace the original m.2 boot SSD, and install ROCK. If it runs successfully, provide your serial number and proof of purchase to Roon Labs to restore the Nucleus firmware.

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Thanks, Peter. To do so, can I treat the Nucleus as a NUC, install the new (empty) m.2 SSD into the Nucleus, and then install ROCK from a USB drive attached to the Nucleus (following the instructions elsewhere for installing ROCK on a NUC)?

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And @AceRimmer your message well noted. I won’t actually proceed with this until I hear from @support

As I posted above, you would need to have Roon upgrade ROCK to the Nucleus software for passive cooling purposes. Otherwise, your Nucleus would overheat running ROCK without the Nucleus upgrade.

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It is a NUC with special chassis, special firmware, and sold in specific channels.

Many users run ROCK with a fanless chassis without experiencing overheat. For those who experience overheat issues, turn off Intel Turbo Boost in BIOS.

The fact that Nucleus firmware has thermal management does not imply the lack of it must cause a thermal problem.


But Danny has posted people need to do this.

Hi @Richard_HORSEY ,

As others have noted on this thread, that error is a sign of a failing M2 SSD on the Nucleus, and the SSD needs to be replaced. You are most welcome to replace the SSD yourself, install ROCK, login, and then let us know after and we will remotely flash it back to NucleusOS for the thermal management features. You can use the Samsung EVO or if you are looking for a cheaper option, Transcend 110S is also compatible. You can follow our ROCK install guide, starting from after the BIOS flashing step:


Even if it might a bit more expensive, I’ve had great results using a Samsung Evo.


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