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We recently lost power and after power was restored my Nucleus+ won’t boot up and come back online. I have tried shutting it down and start it up again many times. The power button never lights up. I purchased this directly from Roon in 8/2021 so you should have complete records regarding it’s configuration. How do I get it serviced?

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@support start a warranty RMA could be powersupply or maybe SSD

I don’t know how Roon support works. How do I start a warranty RMA?

@wizardofoz has flagged the Support team for you by using their “@” address tag. They will respond to you directly. More info about the warranty and RMA process is here:

Hi @Mike_Hayden,

I will send you a private message with your next steps.

@wizardofoz @Geoff_Coupe Thank you for your help!


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It’s great to see this person get support for the exact same issue I’m having after less than a day of posting their issue. I’ve been waiting for a response from support for over a week here: Nucleus+ doesn't boot after brief power outage - #12 by jager

Can someone please help me?
Equally, there seems to be a massive increase in Nucleuses having these issues… is there something more broadly happening here?

Hi @jager,

I am following up on Nucleus items as we speak. I didn’t intend for you to be skipped. I will put another message in your thread and follow up with you privately.


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