Roon Nucleus with HDMI out to Oppo 203

Currently, I have Roon core loaded on my laptop and use RAAT to my Oppo 203. If I purchase a Nucleus or Nucleus+ and go HDMI out from the Nucleus to my Oppo 203, will Roon still see the Oppo 203 as a Roon end-point if it’s only connected via the HDMI from the Nucleus? The Nucleus will be connected to my network using ethernet.

Hi @James_Fitzgerald,

Per the Oppo website, the Oppo 203 can be used via Roon Ready and HDMI. So if you’re connected from the Nucleus via HDMI you’ll be able to choose either HDMI output or Roon Ready in Settings > Audio.

I need for the Oppo to use HDMI in from the Nucleus and HDMI out to Bose while acting as a Roon end-point from the connected Nucleus. Will it do this? I realize HDMI out will bypass the Oppo DAC. Thanks.

If it can’t, I’ll just connect both the Nucleus and Oppo using ethernet to each and won’t use HDMI from the Nucleus to the Oppo, although I think it should work and might be preferable.

Hi @James_Fitzgerald,

Just to verify — You want the Oppo to be taking two streams at the same time, one being passed to the Bose via HDMI and one being played as a normal Roon endpoint?

Or just the option to use one or the other?

No, I plan to purchase a Nucleus to run the Roon core. I want to connect the Nucleus to my Oppo 203 via HDMI. The Oppo 203 is my current Roon ready end-point. Then, I have HDMI out from the Oppo 203 to my Bose. Roon doesn’t see the Bose, but that’s my amp and speakers.

Currently, my Roon core is running on my Dell laptop. I use RAAT to my Oppo 203 which is the Roon end-point. Bose is connected to Oppo via HDMI.

So, only difference is I plan to move the Roon core from my Dell laptop to a Nucleus. Then, instead of using RAAT, I want a hardwired connection (HDMI) from Nucleus (Roon core) to Oppo 203 (Roon end-point). Question is will this work using the HDMI connection?

If that won’t work, it’s no big deal. I’ll just put the Nucleus next to my router and instead of next to my Oppo 203. Nucleus will be connected to network via ethernet, regardless.

Hi, it will work assuming there are no anomalies with HDMI. But you lose MQA if that matters. It makes sense if you use the Oppo as a hub, but you could potentially go direct to Bose!

My roon core is running on a Windows machine, but I have an Intel NUC with ROCK installed on it (what a Nucleus also is using as OS I think). This NUC I use as roon endpoint. My Oppo 205 is connected via USB (for MQA) to the NUC and via HDMI (for multichannel) to the NUC. In the roon audio settings I have 3 audio outputs for my Oppo: Ethernet, USB and HDMI. All three work without problems. You wont be able to use both (Ethernet AND HDMI) at the same time, as the Oppo can only deal with one input at a time.


Yes, I could go HDMI from Nucleus to Bose. However, I currently have RCA out from Oppo to Sennheiser headphones for listening to 24/192. At least I think that’s what I’m getting. Sometime in the future I want to get an amp and speakers to connect to the Oppo RCA out.

If the Oppo acts as a hub then cool. It makes perfect sense.

I don’t know what a hub is in this situation. It is my Roon end-point.