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**Roon Nucleus plus Roonosis 1.8 **

Have just purchased a new Mcintosh ma12000 and also roon nucleus plus to use with tidal hifi however I am not getting any audio output. I have tried with hdmi out but was told my Mcintosh dealer the ma12000 doesn’t support it??? So tried usb and also with hdmi arc to optical adapter to no avail. I am really stumped as to what it might be. Roon working via Sonos port airplay into Mcintosh via digital coax fine. Any ideas?

Ubiquiti network )

**Mcintosh MA12000 USB hdmi arc using adaptor *

The MA12000 is a Roon Tested Device, so you’ll need to connect the Nucleus to one of the integrated amplifiers digital inputs, i.e. USB, using a type A to type B cable.

Once you’ve done this, go to Roon Settings > Audio and enable the MA12000. You should be good to go then.

Hi Martin

Thanks for the reply, I tried connecting the nucleus via usb to Mcintosh and adjusted gain etc but still not audio, the roon app seems to play but not getting any audio. Do I need to adjust the presets? I tried settings for volume and also pcm still nothing.

Hi Hasin, You will have to use the usb connection (not hdmi) on the MA12000 for audio from Roon.
The hdmi connection on the DA2 on the MA12000 will only work with a TV source: “The HDMI ARC input will only play audio from a compatible TV. It will not pass video to or from a TV, or play audio from any non-TV source.” In other words, you need usb to usb.

See footnote 1: McIntosh MA12000 Integrated Amplifier and
McIntosh DA2 Digital Audio Module Upgrade Kit

So, Roon is sending the stream to the MA12000, but you can’t hear anything. I would check a) that Roon is set to fixed volume or device volume and it’s set to ~50, and b) you have the correct input selected on the MA12000.

It’d be really helpful if you shared a screenshot of the device settings and signal path, so we can firm this is set up correctly.

Hello @Hasin_Khan ,

Were you able to resolve this issue and connect the DAC via USB?
Are you on the correct input on the McIntosh?
If you need further help, just let us know!

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