Roon Nucleus with Opera Consonance Reference 8 player?

Hi there, I just joined up so am sorry if this question doesn’t make much sense… I am about to pull the trigger on a Nucleus but wanted to know if anyone had tried connecting it to a Opera Consonance reference 8 music player? does it work? or would I need to change my DAC/player

I have fallen in love with Roon as the DLNA iphone app I am using currently is an absolute nightmare! and have also just started using Tidal.

I tested the Devialet 220 with Roon + Tidal masters (on my Mac) against my Pass INT60 and the reference 8 player as I was trying to simplify my set up and sadly my existing setup was a pretty comfortable winner. I was wondering if I would have to purchase another DAC to be able to make the most of the Nucleus.

Thanks very much for your help!!