Roon Nucleus won’t play 5 or 6 channel material properly

Just switched from Intel NUC to the Nucleus. Sound quality jumped substantially in all areas. But my 5 and 6 channel music does not play properly. It is just an unrecognizable whisper. Previously I was able to configure Roon so that multichannel audio was either passed through or brought down to 2-channels. Now when I reach into the Roon Settins/setup it does not allow me to access or change the settings in Roon inside of the Nucleus. I assume this is the design. But I hope to be able to play the 400 multi-channel items that I own. The system is unchanged: 12 TB of music flows from hard-drives via USB not the Nucleus. The Nucleus output is Ethernet to a Trinnov Altitude 24.
Everything has worked perfectly until the equipment change: NUC to Nucleus.
I could come out via HDMI if that is now the only alternative, but I believe the sound will remain better in my system via Ethernet.

I think this is something for @support to respond to - so I’ve flagged them down for you, and moved this thread into the Support forum.

Hello @Ralph_Barra,

There shouldn’t be any differences regarding multi-channel playback to a Roon Ready device on Nucleus vs any other Roon Core. Let’s try and figure out what’s going on.

  1. Are you able to play the multichannel files to a different device? The device does not have to be multi-channel, playing to the system output of your computer or tablet should suffice for this test.

  2. Regarding your comment “Now when I reach into the Roon Settins/setup it does not allow me to access or change the settings in Roon inside of the Nucleus.” Does this mean that when you go to the Settings > Setup screen and click “Configure” for the “Configure Roon OS devices” that it does not bring you to the Nucleus System Status WebUI?

  3. Would it be possible to test playback to the Trinnov with the NUC you were previously using? To perform this test, you would need to log in with your Roon account and run the NUC as a Roon Core. When you log in, Roon will provide a warning about de-authorizing your Nucleus, this is expected and will not effect your ability to resume your Nucleus Core in it’s previous state. Once you have attempted playback to the Trinnov and noted the behavior you are seeing, please upload your Roon logs following the instructions shown here.