Roon NucleusPlus 4T-1 stopped working

Roon Server Machine

NucleusPlus-4T-1, purchased directly from Roon on 1/9/23
I am using this in a standalone theater/music room, playing through an NAD Master Series M50.2 Roon Ready music server
Mac iOS 17.2 on an iPad in my music room - new mid-2023
Mac OS Sonoma is my main OS that I’m using right now on a late-2023 Mac Pro running an M2 chip

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Home network in smart house; machine and servers all hardwired to same router
iPad and Mac both on wireless network
Everything else in my house still works ; )

Connected Audio Devices

Right now, there are no audio devices connected to Roon, because nothing will connect to it.

The NAD M50.2 still works just fine through BluOS.

Previously, the NAD M50.2 was hardwired to Ethernet, and the Roon Nucleus were hardwired through the same switch. The NAD M50.2 recognized the Roon Nucleus and I used the Roon app to play music through the M50.2. (The NAD M50.2 is still hardwired.)

I have recreated this identical setup but now the Nucleus now can’t be found

I have plugged the Nucleus into other switches on the same network and the Nucleus can’t be found

I have plugged the Nucleus (via HDMI and Ethernet) into the back of my Mac Pro and the Nucleus can’t be found

I have plugged the Nucleus (via the HDMI1 port on the back of the Nucleus) into a spare monitor, but it does not output any video

The orange light at the back of the ethernet port is lit continuously, and the green light pulses - so it looks like it’s working on the Ethernet side, but nothing will find it

I have updated all Mac software and I have deleted and reinstalled the apps - all the easy stuff.

Number of Tracks in Library

Maybe a few thousand

Description of Issue

Roon worked fine; I unplugged my server sometime probably mid-November 2023 to make room for a new tubed phono preamp. I plugged the Nucleus into a different switch a few weeks later in an A/V closet but the system wouldn’t recognize the Nucleus, so I shrugged my shoulders and said “well, I’ll just have to plug it back in the way it was.” This was probably mid-November.

I went to plug the Nucleus back in earlier this week and - pow - my system can’t find the Nucleus at all, even when it’s plugged in exactly the way that it was before or any other way that I can imagine.

I downloaded and reinstalled the app on my iPad. My Mac won’t find the server, either.

I plugged an HDMI cable into an old monitor and the HDMI1 slot in the back of the server and I’m not getting any output to the monitor.

The Roon server appears to power up and down fine via the hard-to-operate pushbutton on the back of the device; I’m getting pulses (orange and green) by the ethernet port on the back of the device.

I just plugged the Roon into the back of my MacPro to see if I could recognize it that way - that didn’t do anything, either. It’s plugged in both through HDMI and Ethernet ports to my MacPro right now - kind of as a last-ditch effort. Nothing. The orange light is on, and the green light stays on for maybe a second, then blinks off and comes right back on.

There is no dealer involved, as I purchased it directly from your website.

I have very little technical networking background. So the “you may also want to check your network settings and your firewall” means nothing to me, and is firmly unactionable advice.

There’s way too much support on your website, but none of it seems to cover my “what happens if suddenly nothing recognizes Roon and I can’t seem to access anything because it won’t even output video to a standalone monitor?”

So the problem is this: It used to work, and now it doesn’t, and I can’t figure out any way to talk to it, and I can’t find any help on the website that helps, and you’re my dealer.

Please advise.

Hi @Russell_Potterfield

I’m just a fellow user.

On your Mac or other computer try accessing the web UI.

You can also normally try http://nucleusplus.local/ from a mac.

or just http://nucleusplus/ from a windows machine.

When connected to a monitor (TV) via HDMI, you’ll only see white text at the top left of the screen. No image as such.

I think what may have occured is that a few updates to Roon and Roon remote apps have been issued since you unplugged it and the Nucleus+ isn’t up to date.

If the monitor is completely blank (no video signal) this suggest an internal issue with the Nucleus as it’s failing to even attempt to boot. If there is any text at all then it alive but may have a memory issue or network issue.

If there is any text, place share a screenshot of what your seeing.

Going forwards, as you purchased it directly from Roon, Roon’s @support team will advise what options are available.

Do you recall when you when you purchased the Nucleus?
If under two years is still in warranty, outside of that not.

The monitor is completely blank when plugged in. There is no output from HDMI1 from the Nucleus, and the monitor shows that it’s looking for input from HDMI1 and then moves on to other inputs looking for signal.

The Nucleus was purchased on 1/9/23, so well within the two year warranty.

Thanks for the info, this topic is marked a “high” [priority], hopefully Roon support team will engage promptly when they return after the weekend.

Hi @Russell_Potterfield,

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry to hear about your Nucleus issues. I will follow up with next steps via a private message, please keep an eye out for a message from me directly. :+1:

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