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Hi, my Nucleus stopped working today. Wonder if you may have a clue?

I turned it on 1h ago grabbed my phone and noticed the Roon remote app was logged out. After that I am not able to find Roon in the network. Tried both different LAN cable disconnect DAC cable.

I got this message but now Roon is not even visible.

Thank you


A couple of thing to try:

  • Reboot your network route
  • Check what the RJ45 port LED’s on doing on the Nucleus
  • Connect a monitor via HDMI to the Nucleus, to check what the status page is showing.

If that does not help, Roon’s @support team will follow up with you in due course.

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Hello @Konrad_Jagoda,

Thank you very much for letting us know of this issue :nerd_face: . We’re very sorry it happened in the first place, but would love to help.

@Carl’s suggestions are quite on point. Could you please let us know what you find?

It’s ok today. I logged into with different phone and now I can open Roon app on my main device. I don’t know what was the reason?
Thanks for your feedback

Hi @Konrad_Jagoda, have things continued to work okay for you since?