Roon odd USB issues since 1.8

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Hi @supoory For some odd reason Roon is showing audio devices available that are powered off.

Here you see my Ropiee remote endpoint, but the device in question is off no power to it whatsoever. So why is Roon still seeing it. I have issues like this happening on my Mac endpoint to for some reason Roon looses connection to the DAC but it stays live in Roon UI. Only when I close Roon and restart I see it’s disappeared.

Additionally I have been having issues with USB playback from core to RME DAC. I used it for first time since 1.8 upgrade and it’s suffering from large audio dropouts which it’s never had before. Not sure if this is related and need to do more testing. But USB seems to have odd behaviour in this version.

Hi @CrystalGipsy ,

Have you seen this issue occur for multiple devices or just devices using Squeezebox?
Can you please send me a log set from the Core and list which device should be absent but isn’t?

Yes it’s happend on my laptop and Mac work station for Roon endpoints occasionally to

Hi @CrystalGipsy ,

Can you please send a set of your Roon logs next time you are in this state and specify which device should be absent but isn’t?

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