Roon often loosing connection to Aries

This ALWAYS happens when starting to play via Roon after a longer stop. And sometime halfway through an album also - connection lost.
My Squeezebox never has that. What’s up?

Connections are all wired, gigabit. Server is dedicated for music.

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This message means that one of the following happened:

  • The Aries lost connection with the USB device
  • The Aries kicked off Roon in order to play some other content (AirPlay, Lightning DS, etc).

Is it possible that during long stops, your DAC turns off its USB port? If that’s happening, we can help Auralic with a way to keep it from causing this situation.

Hmm, I don’t know if the DAC (a Marantz NA11-S1) turns of its USB port ,may very well be. A solution would be nice!!

Oh and I am not using teh Aries for anything else then Roon now!
Want to, having a lifetime Roon since… Today!

Welcome aboard :smile:

I just emailed our contacts at Auralic to explain the issue that we’re aware of and our recommended solution. In case that is what’s happening to you, I’m sure they will get it sorted out.

@mike or @vova, can you help @Evert_Smit send us some logs anyways? In case something else is going on, I’d like to be ahead of it.

Where do I find these logs?