Roon on a 43" ultra 4K monitor

What have been your experiences with scaling using an ultra 4K monitor. I have a 43" ultra 4K monitor and am having trouble getting Roon to look as good as it did when using a smaller monitor.

I have font scaling at 200%, but it doesn’t look great.

What have others been using?

What’s not great? What do you want? Show us a photo!

I have the core on my PC and output via a NUC to my 75inch 4K TV using the now playing screen… looks good but hopefully one day Roon will give us a customisable album art / now playing screen… I sure have requested it !!

I have a 32" 4k and everything usually looks ok, the only thing that sometimes goes odd is the text in the search box gets bigger than the search box, usually if i have deleted it’s previous contents.