Roon on a Chromebook

Can I run the Roon core on a Chromebook?

I use the Android Roon Remote app on my Pixel Slate. It has been very reliable, though ChromeOS was at v79 when I got my Slate, and I know it had a rocky start when the Slate first launched.

That said, two things to be aware of:

  1. Because of the way ChromeOS sandboxes Android apps, they have no multicast access. (It will bridge mDNS to them, but that doesn’t apply to Roon Remote.) So when you first start the app, it will not find your Roon Core. You have to hit the ‘help’ button (going from memory) and then manually enter the IP address of your Roon Core. It will then connect, and it will also remember the IP going forward, so you should only have to do this once.

  2. Android apps in general under ChromeOS seem to ignore any display scaling settings. So depending on the screen of your Chromebook, running Roon Remote will be a real eye chart test… And I say that as someone that normally prefers small font sizes to maximize information on screen. I’d call Roon on the Pixel Slate barely legible due to the ridiculously small text. If you bought one of the new Chromebooks with a 4k display, don’t even bother trying Roon…

The new Lenovo Duet looks like it might make a nice Roon Remote. Nice size of a tablet (the Slate is really too large and too heavy to comfortably use as a tablet), screen resolution should be OK for Roon without making it an eye chart, and it’s pretty inexpensive. But I’m curious what other devices might come out in the next six months, so holding off for now.


Thanks. I was hoping to use a Chromebook as the Core but that doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.

I just wanted to say thanks - I’ve got an ASUS Chromebook Flip and have been unable to get the android ROON app to connect to my core.

Clicking on “Help” and entering the static IP address of the core worked for me.

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