Roon on arm QNAP TS219+


Is there or wiil be there a Roon version to install on my ARM QNAP nas?

BR, Johan

Have you read Roon Server spec requirements?

no i havent’t, but can’t find anything about ARM

We have no plans to support ARM NAS’s. The performance just isn’t there. Check out our recommend specs–that NAS provides a small fraction of the performance that Roon needs. We didn’t pull those specs out of thin air–they are based on a sound understanding of what the software needs to work comfortably now and in the future.

There will come a day when commodity ARM platforms are fast enough–performance/$ decreases more quickly than our capacity to take advantage of the faster hardware.

Once the world is in a place where there are cheap ARM devices are performing like today’s NUCs, we’ll support server builds on them.

If I should invest in a new devive. Are your recommending a NUC instead and keep my QNAP nas to store the music?
I have quit a large collection

BR, Johan

I have what some consider a very large collection. I’m running Roon Server on a mini-itx board with i5 processor and 16GB ram (ony need 8 but had it already), 7x 3TB hard drives, dedicated SSD for Roon’s database, Arch Linux as host OS

A similarly specified NUC with tunes on your NAS will be fine, albeit for best performance an i7 is advised. A NUC is not price competitive relative to a regular PC though.

while an i7 is going to be more powerful than an i3, we are satisfied with an i3 for the price/cooling ratio for a reasonable sized collection. If you start getting into the 10k albums or above, we’d suggest an i5.

The biggest issue with the i7 is the running temperature. Those i7’s get really hot, and that leads to higher failure rates long terms. If you want it, you can’t go wrong with the i7, but the i5 is more than enough for almost everyone.

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