Roon on DSM 7 No Longer Beta

Followed the instructions above about a week ago. It’s been running fine.
DS 918+

*Shoot! Updated my DS920+ to DSM 7 today and having issues with Roon. At the moment on the Synology side of things, the Roon package continues to indicate / read as “manually stopped” in the package center. I’ll click “run” and it will read “running” for a few seconds, before switching back to “manually stopped” . *

I first updated DSM (no issues) and then downloaded the Roon DSM 7 installer (20220217). Appreciate any help or insight!

EDIT : After unsuccessful first try install, I removed and then reinstalled the Roon package download for DSM 7 and it worked this time. However I believe I am having issues finding the correct backed up files to restore my database. Several album were appearing incorrectly or no longer grouped in the ight aways / incorrect artwork etc. Would restoring from a DropBox backup fix that?

Have you enabled the relevant “system internal user” permissions for Roon under DSM 7?

DSM 7 restricts permissions for 3rd party apps, so there are a few permissions that need to be set manually.

Just upgraded to DSM 7. Roon looks good, except for one thing. When I add a new album, it is not recognized by Roon right away, and I do not see it in the Home->ADDED section. The workaround is to stop and re-start Roon server. Then the album is picked up.

Did not experience it with Roon on DSM 6.

Did anyone else experience this problem? Is it a known issue?


Yeo, it’s in the documentation. You needn’t restart Roon server. Just go into Settings > Storage then rescan your library.

Why? This should happen automatically, why do we have to manually rescan? Where in the doco is this :slight_smile:
I have the same issue and just logged it with support here.

Thank you @DDPS, but I agree with @Snook, I should not force rescan for the additions to be picked up. Again, it works that way with DSM 6 version of Roon.

I suspect in DSM 7 server it’s a bug which hopefully will get addressed.

Interestingly, if I delete an album (in DSM 7), the change is reflected in Roon right away.

The mechanism software like Roon uses to become informed of file changes is similar to the way that Spotlight works in macOS, or how file search indexing works in Microsoft Windows. The filesystems (in those cases, APFS and NTFS) have mechanisms to inform those processes of real-time filesystem changes. These sorts of mechanisms have limitations.

In the case of Synology, which uses a Linux kernel, the available mechanisms for this are known as inotify and fanotify. You might notice, like I, that some of your changes are picked up by Roon and others are not. In my case, anything I change in my “Christmas” and “Classical” directories are picked up automatically. But changes in my “Non-Classical” folder do not.

Why is that? Well, Out of the box, iNotify on Synology DSM is configured only to track changes to the default first 8196 files (iNotify doesn't appear to be working in my DS1819+ | - The Unofficial Synology Forum). This is likely due for performance considerations. I can’t know that for sure. But at any rate, this is something Synology possibly could address. But not something Roon can address. It happens, as you can see from the link I provided, with other software running on DSM.

Luckily, Roon is incredibly fast at scanning hundreds of thousands of files on DSM. Unless you are literally adding music every minute of the day, doing a rescan should not be much of a heartache, and your system will have more resources available for other things at times when you are NOT adding music…

Thank you for insightful explanation, @DDPS. It makes a lot of sense. I could try and modify fs.inotify.max_user_watches in /etc/sysctl.conf, see if that addresses the problem. I do agree with you however that tying up valuable resources for something that isn’t being used very often is not a great idea, and in this case a manual re-scan as needed is a more sensible approach.

Btw, I did try the re-scan, and yes, it is super quick.

Thanks, again.

This cant be true though, it worked flawlessly 2 weeks ago on DSM 6 or 7 before the latest few roon updates and hot fixes to 923/24/25 etc

@crieke talked extensively about this when he updated RoonOnNAS for DSM 7. It’s a known issue. It is true. It has nothing to do with recent Roon updates. It worked flawlessly on DSM 6 and works on some files on DSM 7. See above for the limitations.

So when and how can we expect it to be fixed? :slight_smile:

Perhaps a work around is to split your folder structure into X number of seperate ‘locations’ with music across them so that no location has more than 8196 files. Thoughts?


Could become


as locations, each with less than 8196 Files

I just fixed it by doing this on DSM at every boot FYI

But still, this is dumb :frowning: at least it works.

Just adding my 2 cents here…

I just checked on my one remaining DSM6 NAS and this has the max_user_watches set to 102400 which is way higher than the new default for DSM7 of 8192.

So from my point of view Synology is to be blamed for massively reducing this parameter and thus no longer allowing roon to be notified of file system changes.

The above fix of changing this value every boot is a fix that works and I’m not sure there’ll ever be an alternative possible from the Roon side due to lack of priviledges (only root can change this value) but I might be wrong.

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Another user already posted a way how to automate the change to the setting on every reboot of the NAS:

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Yes well all these things are buried too deep. They should be in a knowledge base for Roon or Q&A.

I dug for hours looking for answers, didn’t find that post as this thread is way too long.

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Roon has a knowledge base :

Roon, the company, doesn’t directly support running on the various NAS devices. I don’t personally blame them for that. @crieke does the very generous work to make packages available for a number of NAS devices. He maintains the site : RoonOnNAS – Use your NAS as a Roon Core

It’s reasonable to suggest that @crieke consider adding this step to his installation instructions if it can’t be fixed in the package. Perhaps he will. You might also want to thank @crieke for doing the considerable work to make this package available in the first place.


I think one of the best ways to show your appreciation for Christopher’s work is to make a donation to help cover some of his costs.

His work has enabled me to run a very successful Roon core on an existing Synology Rackstation. A far superior solution (massive high speed storage local to the core and ridiculous network bandwidth - 20Gbit/s over 802.3ad fibre LAG plus the ability to backup my database and music library offsite) than a NUC/Nucleus at no extra cost. I chip in a few Euros a month to hopefully help to keep him doing what he’s done so far.


I couldn’t agree more. I’ve supported him as well and feel that NAS is the best way to go myself. I have a 2gbps 802.3ad LACP on mine and use DS Audio for remote playback. All my (non-smart) AudioStation playlists sync perfectly to Roon, so I get them both in the house and on the road in a single solution. Cheers :clinking_glasses: to @crieke!