Roon on iMac crashing

I don’t know if it’s the same error message I am getting (I’ll check tonight as it will happen again) but Roon is crashing on my iMac every night. I leave it at night in full working order having been listening to music, and every morning when I wake up my Mac to use it I see the “Roon quit unexpectedly…” error message. Really annoying as I always now have to go to my Mac to relaunch the core in order to access music on all my other devices. It all started just a few weeks ago, and in that time I’m pretty sure MacOS had an update and also Roon updated yesterday but the issue is not resolved.

Hi @Sam_King,

It’s best to troubleshoot issues like these individually, so I have split you post into it’s own thread.
Please provide the error message when you next experience this issue and an archive of your Roon logs folder, logs can be accessed by using these instructions.

Thanks @noris. Fair enough just wasn’t sure if I should start a new thread for a similar issue already posted. As predicted it happened again last night. I have the error message in its entirety and but I can’t attach them to this message. How do I do this?

Hi @Sam_King,

I’ve followed up via private message, please let me know once those logs have been uploaded, thanks!

Thanks @noris, got it and uploaded the 2 files for you now. It happens every night but I figure the logs will probably be the same so they are from 2-3 nights ago.

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Thanks for sending these files over @Sam_King, let me get these over to QA for further analysis.
Can you please also provide this information so I can add it to your case notes?

  1. Core - Model and system info
  2. Network setup - model/manufacturer of all your networking gear
  3. Audio devices in use - model/manufacturer

Sorry @noris I didn’t get an email saying you had replied. I will get this info to you tomorrow.

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Roon Core is running on my iMac Retina 5K 27" 2017. My library is an a Seagate external HDD (powered) connected to the Mac via USB.

I have an EE hub managing all the router/modem duties and my iMac connects to this via wifi.

As the crashes only happen when my iMac is set to sleep (12 midnight until 6am) then the only equipment I could say is connected in anyway at that time would be 2 Raspberry Pi 4Bs running RoonBridge (one on Ropieee XL and the other Raspbian) but no audio equipment is operating in those hours. The RPi with Ropieee XL is connected via ethernet to the EE hub and the other via wifi.

My Mac has been set up to sleep this way since I got it and I’ve been running Roon now for well over year but only now experiencing problems. The only change I have made, and I can’t remember if it coincides exactly or not, is that I reinstated the default schedule for Time Machine to a connected HDD - I had been using an app that modified Time Machine’s backup schedules but they ended up too big and took too long.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Sam_King,

Thanks for the information, I have passed this on to QA and have been discussing your case with them.
We are going to attempt to reproduce your findings in the QA lab, once we have confirmed if we are able to reproduce or not, we will reach out to you once more. I appreciate your patience here while testing is underway.

Looking forward to hearing the results of the lab tests. I thought I would disable the schedule for sleep on my Mac and return the Energy Saver section to the defaults. Now my Mac sleeps after 15 mins of inactivity and Roon crashes. I get the “Roon quit unexpectedly error everytime it does.

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Thanks for the additional info @Sam_King. I haven’t heard back from QA regarding their testing yet, but once I do so, I’ll let you know.

Hi @noris. Obviously nothing back from testing yet? The full Roon app is still crashing every night when my Mac goes to sleep.

I’ve kind of solved this in a way myself. I was doing a bit of digging on the forums looking for others experiencing similar problems (of which there are a few with Macs at the moment and a lot seem to be around sleep settings). I found a thread where someone from Roon suggested moving the library to RoonServer. I had never paid much attention to RoonServer so thought I would give it a go. It was pretty simple to install and effectively replace the full Roon app on my Mac with RoonServer. The server was still working this morning when my Mac woke up. So it seems to have worked. I think I can also do a fresh install of the full app now on the Mac and just use it as a control point, although the iPad app is perfect for this.

My Mac is set to sleep at 11pm so the music I was listening to at around 11:10pm last night did just stop and the iPad app froze - so obviously the server stops when the Mac sleeps even if playing music. But since I don’t listen to music that late often this is no big deal. However it does mean I need to keep my Mac awake during daytime or no music! A bonus is using RoonServer as the core on my Mac makes all the control points much snappier for browsing.


Hi @Sam_King,

Glad to hear that you were able to resolve this behavior by using RoonServer instead of the regular Roon app, I’ll note this with the team!