Roon on iMac - getting beach ball and no response

Core Machine

iMac, quad core i5, 16 GB ram, big sur 11.3.1 OS

Network Details

Xfinity provided modem/router/wifi combo

Audio Devices

Mola Mola Tambaqui via ethernet input

Library Size

can’t check this now

Description of Issue

Roon finds the endpoint (DAC) from the iMac, but then the beach ball appears and there is no ability to do anything in Room program (including ability to minimize the screen) However, luckily, the iPhone app works once the iMac connects to Roon endpoint. Never had any problems previously. All other programs work. Network is fine. Can force quit Roon, but that doesn’t resolve the issue. Shut down the iMac, but that doesn’t resolve the issue.

The solution: reset the PRAM by shutting down the mac, then press four keys simultaneously: Command + Option (also labeled Alt) + P + R while starting up the mac. Web instructions suggest that mac setting like volume may be affected, but that didn’t happen on my iMac. Programs opened a little slowly at first, just as it does after an OS update. Roon back to its normal self.

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