Roon on iOS crashing right after start

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini 2.7GHz i7, 8GB, MacOS 10.13.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hm… for the purpose of this issue, the iOS devices go through a TP link access point (wifi) and a couple of Netgear switches to reach the Roon core.

Connected Audio Devices

  • Matrix Mini-i Pro3 - Ethernet
  • Sonos Play:5 - Wifi
  • RoPieee endpoint - Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

Roughly 26000 tracks

Description of Issue

I see odd behavior on my iOS devices, one late-model iPad Pro and an iPhone 12. Generally, the Roon client works fine on both devices. The iPad in particular I use most days, all day long - it sits next to me while I work at my desk, and when I don’t need it for anything else it usually displays the Roon play queue most of the time as I listen to music during the day. There is usually no trouble at all during this entire time. The iPhone usually works fine as well - I don’t use it as often, but when I do there’s no trouble with this either.

Here’s the weird thing though. Sometimes when I start Roon on one of these iOS devices, it comes up for about two seconds or so, and then it dies. I can try this again and again and it dies every time. It comes up in the same “place” every time - i.e. the last album I looked at, or the play queue, or whatever.

For the short moment before it dies, the app is actually usable. For example, I can quickly try to hit the Play or Pause button while it’s visible, and that works - it plays or pauses, then the app dies again. However, this is also the workaround I have found for the problem: while the app is up, I hit something that changes the “mode” the app is in. For instance, if I’m not in the play queue view yet, I try to hit that button - and when I manage to do this in time, the view changes, the app runs properly and in all likelihood works correctly the rest of the day, including any number of restarts.

Unfortunately the “special action” required to prevent the app crashing is not always the same. I work in software, I know what to look out for … and I haven’t been able to identify the pattern to this problem, even though I’ve been seeing it for months now. So I’m wondering - is there a log file somewhere? Some kind of tracing facility that would allow me to see what’s going on when the crashes occur? Any other ideas?

Oh, and with all the questions above I didn’t see the place where I would enter the version of the Roon client: 1.8 (build 831) - but I remember updating at least twice since I first saw this problem, so it’s probably not very specific to this version.

Hey @Oliver_Sturm,

Thanks so much for taking some time to describe what your experience with the Roon Remote app is. We’d love to help out, albeit 16 days later. Please, accept my apology for the delay :pray:

I wonder, since you’ve ran into this behavior, have you reinstalled the Roon Remote app? If you haven’t, could you please:

  • uninstall the Roon Remote app on the iOS device
  • restart the iOS device
  • download fresh and reinstall the Roon Remote app

Does it help at all?

Hi - sorry I never replied to this. However, I can confirm that this doesn’t make a difference. I also see the same behavior on both an iPad Pro and an iPhone 12. And I can also add that the problem has not gone away by now - it just happened today.

Hey @Oliver_Sturm,

Thank you very much for keeping in touch — whenever it works for you, we’re glad to hear back.

If a reinstall does not help, it is very likely that you might be affected by an issue we’re aware of. I am so sorry… :pleading_face:

This is something we’re continuously investigating and working on. With help for our subscribers, we’re able to identify causes and fix them. Would you please keep an eye on our posts here on this issue?


I’ll follow that thread, sure. However, from the descriptions I’m not sure it’s really the same problem I’m seeing. There are two possibly important differences:

  • Many people in the other thread report the app crashing after X seconds - 18 seconds, 30 seconds, something like that. In my case, the crashes are almost instantaneously after startup, never 18 or 30 seconds later.

  • The special workaround I use very successfully is to interact with the app during that fraction of a second between startup and crash, e.g. change the view to the queue, bring up the zone popup, something like that. When the problem happens, the app will crash immediately on startup until such time I “catch” it with this interactivity - when it works, the app does not crash, and from then on I can use it without trouble for a while - hours, days even, until the problem comes back.

I’m explaining these two points because I hope it helps, but also because they are not mentioned in the other thread, as far as I can tell. Please let me know if I can help by submitting details about my network etc, as requested in the other thread.



It came to my mind today that this problem seems to have gone away now. Unfortunately I don’t know when exactly it happened, but it’s certainly a while back that I last had the startup issue I was describing before. Just thought to let you know.



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