Roon on iPad iOS10 opens and closes, cannot control Core [Solved by reinstallation of Roon App]

I have controlled Roon Core on a Rockna server from an iPad iOS10 and so far all ok.

Yesterday suddenly after few hours running ok, Roon on the iPad opens, stays few seconds searching and closes again without notice to choose the Core if in doubt.

Roon app on PC are 100% Ok and all Core contents are 100% visible – controllable.

How to restore iPad as remote? Does it need iOS11? Or anything else ???

Your help is appreciated.

Pedro Belo

You’ll need to upgrade to iOS11 to run the latest (1.4+) builds of Roon for iOS.

Upgrade first and redownload/upgrade Roon afterwards.

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Thank you Rene, before reading your reply, had unsinstalled and re- installed Roon with version compatible with IOS 10 and now all is back ok.
In future will upgrade to 11 as you say for safety future needs.

greetings from Portugal

Good news. :slight_smile:

I’d upgrade to iOS11 rather sooner than later – you will not get the latest version of Roon on earlier iOS versions (namely the play controls introduced in 1.4 are MIA).

Thank you Rene , understood and will follow your kind advice.

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