Roon on iPhone locked, can't find the Core [Resolved]

Roon on my iPhone 7 is locked into looking for a remote server. I’ve tried delete the app, shutting down the phone and reinstalling and it will not find my set up. It keeps looking to install network devices and/or looking for remote libraries.My surface roon works, but the iPhone is somehow locked, Please help…I’m at wits end.

Can you click on connect to another core?

  1. Dumb question but have you confirmed your phone is on your wifi network so it can reach your core?
  2. With the app installed go into iCloud and turn off backups for Roon, then delete Roon and reinstall it. This is the only way to start fresh if you use iCloud.
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no it seems totatly locked
will try, just resting iPhone

Good suggestions!

to Tech, thank you thank you thank you
I just came back from a trip and didn’t realize my iPhone didn’t automatically sign into my wifi. Do you know how I set the iPhone to do that? Thank you again:)

Your welcome, But it was @DrTone who suggested you check your wireless status :smiley:

As for your wifi question:

Tap Settings > Wi-Fi.
Tap next to the network name.
Make sure that Auto-Join is on.

Good luck and I am glad is all working now!

You guys are great…I love roon, but am still getting used to it. @DrTone, a special thank you to you for the help:) Andy

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