Roon on iPhone12PM with iOS14.3 keeps crashing

So I’m using QNAP x53D NAS as my roon core, and the roon app on my iPhone 12 PM with iOS14.3 just keep crashing. I’ve tried delete and reinstall the app, but it doesn’t help. Please fix this, thanks.
btw, the crashing usually happens after the app start for about 30 seconds no matter what I was doing.

Stand in line, my friend. This has been an issue with the app for many months. Don’t hold your breath.

My only temporary solution is to shut down and restart my entire phone. It will work for a day or so then crashes again. In the nine years of owning iPhones, the Roon app is the only app that has required a phone restart to temporarily resolve the issue.

Thank you, it does work! This is ridiculous however, the developers should fix it ASAP. App crashing is a serious Production incident event.

Hello @Elvis_Liao, my apologies for the trouble here. Our team is aware of the issue and we’re actively working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, I’d like to add your data to the existing report. Could you please try to open the app one more time and reply here with a timestamp of when you do so and I will enable diagnostics for your account and add you to the existing report?

I am having the same frequent and easy crashing on my iPhone 12 Pro. I would like some help with this as well please. Thanks.

Soooo, just curious… Is this exclusively an iPhone 12 issue (not with other iPhones)? Any idea what is unique about the 12?

I don’t have a 12, and Roon has never crashed my iPhone (a now-ancient 8). Thinking of getting one soon, though. But because Roon is one of my most-used apps, I might hold off until this is resolved.

I my experience with Roon it crashed regularly on my iPhone 11 Pro Max when I had it. Now I have an iPhone 12 Pro and the situation is the same. It crashes all the time. It sap crashes when I try to do a device setup. I can only adjust one or two settings and quickly save otherwise it will crash and I will lose the settings. Then I have to go back and adjust the other settings and save again. I have an older iPad Mini 4 and it does not crash at all. My advice is that if using Roon is more important than having the latest generation iPhone, I would keep the iPhone 8 unit Roon Labs fixes this problem.

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