Roon on Linux (core, control and output)

When will core, control and output (as in the Roon package) be available for Linux?

I know I can run Roon Server on Linux but I dont want to have to use an external device for Control.




From what I gather it’s not on the cards. Pity, but it seems desktop use requires a mac or windoze machine. I’ve experimented with trying to run the Android app in a browser or VM…neither with great success.

I hope Roon Labs is considering making an control app for Linux. It’s basiclly what’s stopping me from using their service now.

I am starting to play around with android emulators (Genymotion specifically) on Linux (Ubuntu) with the thought being to run the android app inside the emulator.

Not high on my list of priorities but will see how it goes.

Thanks for the Genymotion hint.
I tried it on Linux Mint 18 (Google Nexus 10, Android 5.1.0), downloaded Roon remote
Android (apk) file from Roon website and it works pretty well (…eating 1.5 GB of ram). Before that I tried Remix OS and Genymotion works better for me…

Would be great to get the control app… I doubt it given the move towards rock and the reasons behind it.
I had the notion it could be web driven somehow but obviously that’s a pretty big change in overall approach

I’ve been told previously it is possible to set up a windows virtual machine in Linux to then be able to use the standard windows desktop app as control… this is getting a bit beyond my capabilities so if anyone else fancies giving it a try…!

Can the API not be used to code at least a basic interface to select albums to playback and pause/ skip etc?