Roon on Mac mini DSD playback problem with Mcintosh C2700

Core Machine

Mac mini (Late 2012)
Processor 2.5GHz Dual -Core Intel Core I5
Memory 16GB 160 Mhz DDR3
macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7

Network Details


Audio Devices


Library Size


Description of Issue

While playing DSD files on a mac mini, DSD is not displayed on the Mcintosh C2700 preamp, only shows 352kHz…checked the c2700 manual and it shows it can play dsd 512 via usb

Any settings that I need to check on roon? I also have bit perfect installed on the mac mini as I was using itunes before getting roon

You need to set DoP playback strategy.

McIntosh DA1 DSD256 DSD512 can only be played on Windows, not Mac, not Linux.

Thanks for responding, what settings should I need to do ? Whats the DoP settings?

Will the McIntosh pre amp display at least DSD 64 or 128? If DoP is configured?

It should be possible to get DSD64 and DSD128 in your setup with proper configuration.

Thanks for sending the link, appreciate it👍

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