Roon on Mac OS disconnection

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini M2 8Go Ventura 13.5.1 Wifi 6e

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Box internet + router : Bbox from network provider
Wifi, no VPN
Mesh network devices Netgear S8000
Remote : Iphone Wifi, MacBook Air M2 / Wifi 6

Connected Audio Devices

DAC Roon Ready : Nadac Player / Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

9782 tracks

Description of Issue


My Roon Core on MAC Mini (Roon Server or Roon Desktop) is visible few seconds from other Roon applications and then it disconnects. However, the music from Roon Core continue to be streamed to the DAC and the playlist is progressing normally.
If I switch off and then on the wifi on my Roon Core computer, then the other Roon devices see the Roon Core again before to disconnects again.

You write that the Nadac Player is connected with ethernet. What to? Also, how’s the Mac mini connected to the network? Ideally, it should also be connected via ethernet to the same router, and its WiFi turned off. That way, there would be just one path via your mesh network to the Mac mini.

Hi @Mathieu_Prevot ,

Welcome to the forum! Are you trying to use the Mac Mini or the NADAC as the Roon Server in this case?

When you are getting this issue, are you getting any specific errors, or being asked to choose a different Core?

If you are, instead of toggling the WiFi and you navigate back to the Core selecting screen, does the Mac show up properly there?

If you could please share a few screenshots of what you are seeing on your end can also help us clarify the issue further:

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