Roon On Mac with dac

Hi ,

i try to run roon on my MacBook Pro in an USB DAC ( Project DacBox + ) .but the System Output is not avalibil.
On a Windows PC it is no Problem.

What can i do ?

Maybe it will show up in midi audio settings where you can set it up

Hi @soundbrothers_soundb,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio?

Is there any change if you temporarily disable any firewall running on the Mac Core?

Hi and welcome.

Until recently I ran Roon on an old macbook pro, and fed it directly via USB ( as I infer you do) to a Schiit EITR and then to my legacy DAC(s). Worked great. The EITR was characterized by Roon, so it showed up as “EITR” independent of system output.

More recently I added a native USB DAC, but one that , like yours, has not been tested/modeled by Roon. This shows up as “High quality USB audio device” (or something like that) which i renamed to what it is. Works fine. These show up in the output list in the menu bar, right side.

Good luck, come back with more questions…

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