Roon on MacOS: Error in image loading

Core Machine
(Rock on NUC, v1.7(571))

(10.15.7, v1.7(667)

Network Details
Deutsche Telekom Router
WiFi on Mac, Ethernet on Rock

Description Of Issue

After a while images are not displayed for albums or tracks. Sometimes this is only true for Tidal-Albums. A restart of Roon helps only for the current playing track. A restart of computer helps only for a while.

The URLs which create timeouts and errors are all resolvable with Safari on the same Mac.

11/11 13:39:12 Warn: Error in web request NetworkError (The operation has timed out.)
11/11 13:39:13 Debug: UI-FWD: mode: albumdetails
11/11 13:39:13 Debug: GMS: saving nav stack
11/11 13:39:13 Debug: UI-NAV: album details / album: [object Sooloos_Broker_Api_AlbumLite_Proxy] / bookmarkdata: 
11/11 13:39:13 Debug: GMS: done saving nav stack
11/11 13:39:13 Critical: Update macOS 'Now Playing' widget image failed with exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: stream
  at Foundation.NSData.FromStream (System.IO.Stream stream) [0x0000b] in <3704dc81dcf744de8d10760df58cd302>:0 
  at AppKit.NSImage.FromStream (System.IO.Stream stream) [0x00001] in <3704dc81dcf744de8d10760df58cd302>:0 
  at Sooloos.Client.Models.Zones+<>c__DisplayClass45_0.<method_update_platform_nowplaying_image>b__0 () [0x0000c] in <f7934b736dec4238911f35300e5031c5>:0 
  at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1[TResult].InnerInvoke () [0x0000f] in <d8dc2ce16d10401483868046f78047e7>:0 
  at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute () [0x00000] in <d8dc2ce16d10401483868046f78047e7>:0 
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---

  at Sooloos.Client.Models.Zones.method_update_platform_nowplaying_image (System.Int32 width, System.Int32 height, Broo.Engine.ImageSpec nowplaying_image) [0x00106] in <f7934b736dec4238911f35300e5031c5>:0 
11/11 13:39:13 Error: Error loading image (immediate): The operation has timed out. (
11/11 13:39:14 Error: Failed to fetch image data: The operation has timed out. (
11/11 13:39:14 Warn: image_process(UriImageSpec[Uri=,ImageSpec[DesiredTextureSize=256]], boxblur:5x2) resulted in System.NotSupportedException: image format 'Unknown' is not supported
  at Imagoo.Bitmap.__DecodeData (System.Byte* dataptr, System.Int32 data_length, System.Int32 advisory_max_w, System.Int32 advisory_max_h, System.Boolean preferRGBA, System.Func`7[T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6,TResult] allocFunc) [0x001ed] in <ed9ac6029fac42f2b5868cea8793a527>:0 
  at Imagoo.Bitmap.__FromData (System.Byte* data, System.Int32 data_length, System.Int32 advisory_max_w, System.Int32 advisory_max_h) [0x0000d] in <ed9ac6029fac42f2b5868cea8793a527>:0 
  at Sooloos.Client.RootBase+<>c__DisplayClass350_1.<method_image_process>b__1 (System.IntPtr dataPtr, System.Int32 dataLength) [0x00008] in <f7934b736dec4238911f35300e5031c5>:0 
  at Broo.Engine.UriImageSpec+<>c__DisplayClass9_1.<GetImageData>b__1 () [0x00073] in <6a0c64b018414c41be4eb856a62b70b7>:0 
  at Broo.Engine.UriImageSpec.GetImageData (System.Action`2[T1,T2] dataCb) [0x0003a] in <6a0c64b018414c41be4eb856a62b70b7>:0 
  at Sooloos.Client.RootBase+<>c__DisplayClass350_0.<method_image_process>b__0 (System.Object <p0>) [0x00014] in <f7934b736dec4238911f35300e5031c5>:0 
11/11 13:39:14 Error: Error loading image (immediate): The operation has timed out. (
11/11 13:39:14 Error: Error loading image (immediate): The operation has timed out. (

Any advice would be very much appreciated

Hi @Peppe,

Do you have any remotes besides that Mac? Do you see the same thing occur on other remotes?

Did this used to work okay? Were there any changes around the time you started noticing this if so?

Hi @dylan,

I have the same issue on my iPad Pro occasionally, I would say not so often as on the Mac. As with the Mac only a reboot helps but not an app restart.
On my iPhones I do not have that issue.

Thanks for the update, @Peppe.

The next time you see this occur on the Mac can you please make a note of the time you is happen and use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link? Let us know the time, send us the logs, and we can take a closer look!

Will do that.
I hope that might not happen any more, due to all the recent MacOS and iOS updates :wink:

It happened again :frowning:

It started around 10:14 today. Switching context (e.g. from Discover to Albums) reveals some images.
Just now an app restart has worsend the problem. Just now there are almost no images displayed.

I made also some screenshots which I could send to you.

Thanks for sending the files, @Peppe! I’ll take a look with the team and will get back to you soon!

Any news? It now happened after a fresh reboot (due to other reasons).
The Rock was playing radio already. I liked a song and started the app and immediately searched for the current played song in Roon. The search was successful but there were no images display. Also subsequently performed action resulted in no images displayed :frowning:

Apologies for the delay here, @Peppe. I checked with the team on the status of their investigation, and they provided some feedback from their findings.

It looks like there is something blocking the proper connection here, which is resulting in the images not loading. Is there any firewall or VPN running on this device? If you temporarily disable them if so is there any change?

Thanks for the hint. It seems to be the other way around. I have NordVPN installed on all devices. And do not use the VPN at home at all. As only Roon has the described issue and all other apps are able to make http-requests I never thought that the VPN might be an issue.

2 days ago the issue reoccured. I have temporarily enabled the VPN. After that Roon loaded the images without any problems. If this persist I have a practicable workaround.

Don’t know if your team might be interested to get to the the cause of this issue. I’m happy with the workaround. I would like keep the thread open for some more days.

Thanks again

@dylan, it seems to be a reliable workaround if I enable temporarily NordVPN.
If you want to investigate this issue further - it seems to be some incompatibility between Roon and NordVPN - I would be happy to provide any help needed.

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