Roon on Meridian Hardware

Fair enough Danny…but my comment was really about the the 98% of Sooloos Users out there with MC200’s, C10’s, C15’s, Ensembles, and MD600’s acting as their Sooloos Cores & Stores…not so much about the MC600, which is rare at best

So, as we are on the subject, would you be prepared to comment at this stage about the capabilities of EACH of the following Sooloos components to act as a Roon Headless Server??..i.e. not just as a Store, but as an actual Roon Headless server

Specific answers on the Roon ‘Server’ capabilities each of the following Sooloos components would help a lot of people enormously

  1. MC200
  2. MD600
  3. C10
  4. C15
  5. Ensemble
  6. MC600

A definitive answer at this stage will help manage Sooloos users expectations about what their Sooloos components can do in a Roon system

Being honest, this is the Elephant in the room here as Sooloos users wait to see which of their Sooloos components can be USEFULLY utlilized within a Roon system…definitive answers will help people decide what to do…fuzzy answers will only delay possible adoption of Roon as people wait for clarification of where their Sooloos investments stand

@Ronnie, these are great questions, however, the answers to these questions are useless until Meridian comes up with a software update plan based on Roon.

I’ve said it over and over, that we are open to making this work, but no one at Roon Labs can speak to the possibility of this happening. We are in the dark as much as you are.

Roon can run on a range of hardware, depending on library size. I believe this has been spoken about in depth on these forums by @brian.

How it may run on the above mentioned Meridian devices is all speculation until the work is actually investigated. I don’t even remember the specifications of many of those boxes, and no one at Roon Labs owns any of them.

I remember that the MC600 is a pretty beefy machine, and the fact that it can run Roon in theory is all fine, but I wouldn’t go buy a MC600 in hopes of making it work. That would be a blind jump of faith.

I suggest you take these questions to Meridian. It would be good for them to come propose something that works for everyone involved.