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Hello @support,

I have been happy using Roon with home system (Roon on QNAP NAS feeding dCS Rossini).

I bought a Nucleus with the intention of setting up Roon on the office network (Synology DS214Play NAS with Naim SuperUniti - via UPnP Bridge for Roon compatibility - or an upgrade soon to Roon-ready new series of Uniti products).

When I set up the Nucleus, it asked for a new authorization because the usual core is elsewhere (home). Presumably selecting a new core means erasing the current library and starting all over again.

My question is, given that the music residing at home and office NASs is the same, is there any way of not requiring a new authorization (ie new subscription)? Given the cost of the Nucleus, I hope this is the case! Thanks.

You can move your licence between the two sites. If you wish to keep your library in synch then you will need to come up with a solution for that.

Hi @Raj_Lucas,

Yes, you can use your license in more than one location. With a single license only one Core can be authorized at a time, but you can change which Core is authorized as often as you’d like.

One thing to note is that your Roon library does not transfer automatically between authorized Cores. You’ll want to make a backup on your main Core and restore it in your secondary location so that your library will be the same between the two.

Also note that the library of the deauthorized Core is not going to be erased. If you transfer the license back to the machine, everything will be exactly how you left it.

And also note that the devices listed in the restored new location and the core name will be the same, so once you restore go in and delete/change the devices and core names. Any file locations you will also need to check and backup locations too.

Great, thanks for tips. Will get cracking.

Other than all of that it’s easy :wink:

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