Roon on my iphone 7

since i acquired a new iphone7 roon remote cannot connect with roon on my mac mini the app on the phone keeps searching for roon but cant connect
any solutions? never really had this problem with iphone6 and i miss being able to switch playlists or songs from a playlist while i am listening on my porch or deck. all my settings are the same i have same wifi. thanks bobbmd

Maybe a dumb question but are you using wifi in your home on the same networks as your Roon core? You said it’s a new phone. When you got it home did you remember to connect it to wifi?


@John_Aiello Not a dumb question at all-I had to buy the phone ‘on the quick’(i was on call) and the person at the Verizon store didn’t fully explain how to move my apps so I just transferred them from icloud without connecting the phone to the mac mini the apps all came over Roon, Tidal,A+3,Spotify,Pandora,Qobuz but the ROON and A+3 app keep trying to ‘find my mac mini’ or network TIDAL Qobuz and Spotify and Pandora are ‘usable’ but not the 2 I want most. The phone recognizes my wifi network but… Is there any way to correct my blunder? bobbmd

You might try and check to see if the IP address of the phone and the IP address of the mac mini are on the same network. If they are then I would try and delete the Roon app on my phone and reinstall it. I am guessing that you are able to access Roon from the mac mini? If so maybe a reboot of the mac mini would be worth a try.