Roon on NAS BETA, Synology 920+ DSM7: Marantz problem

Roon Core Machine

I am running Roon on NAS latest known BETA on a Synology 920+ (8gb RAM, 2x500gb NVME Cache, 16TB Seagate Ironwolfs) with DSM7. Hardwired CAT7 to my master switch.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritz!Box 7590
Netgear JGS524E Master Switch hardwired LAN Cat7

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz SR7013 and NR1607 both hardwired LAN to master switch
Several Bluesound devices LAN and Wifi
Several Sonos devices LAN and Wifi
Several other various devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Roughly 25K

Description of Issue


I have a strange problem with my Marantz devices. I am running Roon on NAS latest known BETA on a Synology 920+ (8gb RAM, 2x500gb NVME Cache, around 25K songs) with DSM7. The system works beautifully with nearly all my devices (mostly Bluesound and Sonos), but I have a recurrent problem with both my two Marantz devices (SR-7013 and NR-1607). On a freshly booted RON system, I can play music on them, but if I stop it, I sometimes can’t start it again. Moreover, I cannot transfer music to them from another device, i.e. the Marantz(es) remain silent (but the app seems to imply that they are playing). Even if I hard reset the players and start/stop via the app they remain silent. The funny thing is that when it “has happened” to one of the Marantz players, they are both affected. The problem remains until I reboot my NAS, after which everything works fine until the next incident. On all my other devices, there are so far no such problems and they also keep working irrespective of the Marantz problem. I am not using any DSP and use default settings. I use (mostly) an iPhone with Roon app as control. Moreover, I have obviously checked that I have the latest firmware installed etc…

Judging from my observations, I have hence come to the conclusion that there is something rather specifically incompatible between the current RON DSM7 Beta and Marantz. Any ideas how I can overcome the problem?

Thank you very much for looking into this.

Best regards,


Hey @vrn, now that we’re out of beta can you give this another shot and let me know if you’re still having trouble? Thanks!

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for following up on the matter. I have done a few tests and they were mostly positive, i.e. the SR-7013 seems to respond correctly now. Nevertheless, I have still had a few problems of the mentioned kind with the NR-1607. These could, however, so far be resolved by a hard reset of the device (no need to restart the NAS/Server anymore). Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce the issues systematically though, but if I find any pattern, I’ll let you know.
Best regards,

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