Roon on NAS Synology

Hi, Actually my Roon core is on my Macbook pro. I want to build a Roon core on a NAS. My Synology 218+ with 4 Go and 2x 4 Go. Is it enough ?
I have installed on my NAS the Roon Server.
When I want to install a new network share with the right data (share location, Username, password) I receive a message : access not authorized… Thanks

Hey @JF_Basin and welcome to the Roon community!

It’s great to hear that you’re exploring Roon and consider using a dedicated Core rather than your Macbook Pro.

I was wondering if you’ve followed the instructions listed below to have Roon run on your NAS:

Are you seeing access not authorized in Roon? If it’s on your NAS, it should be something that can be addressed in the NAS’ settings.

Roons minimum cpu specification is an i3 Intel CPU. That NAS uses a Celeron and is under powered for Core use.

You can always try it and see.

Hi Rebeka,
Yes I followed exactly the instructions.
It’s in Roon. But now it’s ok, I can access to the content stored on my NAS.
But I don’t know how to run the Roon server on my NAS…

Thanks, I will try…

Hey @JF_Basin,

As @Rugby has said, running Roon on a device that doesn’t meet our minimum requirements is prone to audio dropouts, skipping, hanging and other behavior that interrupts a music listening experience.

If your heart is set on using the NAS as a Core, you can find instructions here:

Hi Rebeka,
I tried and it works perfectly !
My Bluesound Node2i is connected directly to the NAS by ethernet.

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