Roon on new iMac can no longer locate my DAC

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

iMac 27 2019 build, 3.7GHz, 16 GB, 2 TB SSD, MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

LAN connection via powerline adapters. Roon Bridge on second iMac connected via USB to Chord Hugo TT2 Dac

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Chord Hugo TT2 via USB cable

Description Of Issue

This set up has worked perfectly well until last weekend when I moved Roon Core to a new machine. I followed the Roon instructions and the move seems to have worked well. All the other devices are located and working. However, Roon cannot see the RoonBridge/TT2 at all. I’ve searched the forums but cannot find any help. How do you get Roon to search again for a device it cannot see?
Appreciate some help please.

Usually, it is because the new machine has a firewall preventing discovery. Try turning off the firewall temporarily and see if the endpoint shows up. If it does, add Roon and RAAT to the Mac firewall exemption rules.

Hi @Robert_Westcott,

As suggested by Daniel above, can you try temporarily disabling your firewall and making sure that the proper exceptions are set?

Hi both. Thank you. I have turned off both firewalls – the one on the iMac running the Roon Core (the new machine) and the one on the iMac running RoonBridge (an existing machine which used to be the Roon Core machine). I waited a while and checked with Roon again, but it still does not see the RoonBridge and attached TT2. Both firewall settings already had Roon and RAAT permission set in any case.

I can play music through the TT2 using iTunes on the directly connected machine, and I can play music over the network on the Sonos, but not over the network to the RoonBridge/TT2 set up. (Just to rule out a fiew possibilities.)

Well, that was the easiest check.

Are they on the same network subnet, would be the next thing to check. Also, can you detail your network for support.

I dont know what a subnet is, at least not in a domestic setting. I run an Orbi router for wi-fi and also connect to it via powerline adapters from each of the iMacs. At the router end, there is one powerline adapter connected to the Orbi and paired with the remote adapters.
This setup has been working fine since I purchased Roon a few months ago. It seems it is only the changes with running Roon Core on new machine - and running RoonBridge on the existing machine which used to run Roon Core.

Hi @Robert_Westcott,

Are you able to see any audio devices on the RoonBridge machine in Settings > Audio (like System Output) or are all devices missing/

One thing to note is that we generally recommend against using powerline adapters, as mentioned in our Networking Guide. It would be good to know, as a test, if the same behavior occurs when both devices are connected directly to the primary router.

In Settings/Audio I cannot see anything on the RoonBridge machine. I’m afraid it’s not really possible to directly connect to the router, even temporarily. Network connection to Sonos in a third room still works. Both iMacs work fine in other respects, and it all worked properly before last weekend when I introduced the new iMac.

Hi @Robert_Westcott,

Are you able to use the old iMac as a remote instead of RoonBridge? Can it connect to the new Core? Do you see the devices when using it in this configuration?

That should be possible. Am I correct that I just download and install Roon Remote and unistall RoonBridge? If so, I can try that later today (UK time) when I get home from work.

Hi @Robert_Westcott,

Since you already migrated and restored on the new iMac, let’s try uninstalling RoonBridge and removing all Roon folders from your Mac (any backups stored on the drive you can keep, though). After everything has been uninstalled, install Roon and use it as a remote to connect to the new iMac and let us know how that goes.

Hi Dylan, I have tried those steps but the new iMac running Roon Core still does not ‘see’ the older Mac, now running Roon remote. I am at a loss as to what to try next.

Any suggestions??

Hi Robert,

Just a quick question, I noticed you used the word “migrate”. Did you use a migration tool to move Roon? You should actually install Roon new on the new computer and then restore a backup. Using a Mac migration tool will probably cause issues.

Here is the FAQ with the proper steps:

Thanks. Yes, I did use the migration per your link. But I migrated for the whole macine using Time Machine restore. I did not wipe Roon and re-install (did not see anywhere that suggested this was needed). I’ll try that next. Appreciate the suggestion, thanks.

As far as I understand - and I’m sure I’ll be quickly smacked if I am wrong, when RoonServer installs it creates a unique id for that installation/computer. Just moving or migrating things can end up, like with duplicate network IP addresses, causing issues and weirdness.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve cleaned out the new iMac, made a fresh install of Roon, designated it as Core, restored to it from backup. On the other iMac I have Roon Remote running as per the earlier suggestion from Dylan, and it can see the new Roon Core.
But … still no sign of the old iMac as a Roon endpoint either with its own system output or with the USB connected DAC.
From the link you posted: “Network audio devices (such as RoonReady devices, RoonBridge, Squeezebox, HQPlayer, etc) will work without any further changes after restoring.”
Sadly, this is not true.
I must say that for a $500 piece of software my patience is starting to wear thin, both with the software and with the support. It’s very kind that forum members seek to help, but surely Roon themselves have a responsibility to be clear about how to use their product?
My next thread possibly will be titled “Roon no longer works, how do I get a refund?” There are only so many hours in my life and this simple move to a new machine is taking too many of them.

Any suggestions – wipe everything and start from a clean re-installation?

Current status: Roon Remote on the old iMac can see Roon Core on the new iMac and play music on any recognised device. But Roon Core on the new iMac still cannot see the old iMac or its attached DAC, which is my main hifi system.

Hi @Robert_Westcott,

I just sent you a PM with some next steps.