Roon on new MacBook Pro suddenly crashes every time I open it

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MacBook Pro 16 inch, 2021, 32 GB Ram

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Just last week, can’t open Roon on Mac desktop without it instantly crashing. Works fine on my iPad Pro and iPhone, no issues at all - I can see my entire library, make backups, plays 100% normally. But the laptop, nada. I’ve erased and re-installed Roon on my laptop all to no avail. I’ve rebooted the Mac, the Nucleus, nothing changes, I try to open Roon and the program closes after about 10 seconds. It worked for a couple of weeks normally on the Mac, then suddenly stopped. Everything is the latest version of Roon, and MacOS 12.0.1.

I was helped not by reinstalling, but full uninstalling Roon, then a new installation.

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I dragged the application to the trash and deleted it from my MacBook, then downloaded a new version and installed it and it still crashes

Few. FULL uninstallation with special software.
Dragging to the trash does not remove various settings and tails in the system.

“Special software”?

And where do you get that?

App Store or developer websites.
For example:
iMyMac PowerMyMac
Trash Me: Smart
Smart Mac Care
and others.

Yeah I’m not downloading some random uninstaller app just to make Roon open on my MacBook. Honestly I’ve been using Roon for a few years now, And I think this might be the last straw. For the annual fee I don’t have any other software that is as regularly flaky as Roon.

Is it possible to get some kind of response on this issue from Roon staff?

If your core is running on a Nucleus, and you’re just using the MacBook Pro as a Roon client, you can fully uninstall Roon on the MacBook by doing the following:

  1. Erase the app.
  2. Navigate to your user library folder and rename the ‘Roon’ folder to ‘Roon_old’ (i.e. rename ~/Library/Roon to ~/Library/Roon_old.
  3. Download a fresh copy of the app.
  4. Launch the app.

Step 2 removes the database for the Roon client on your MacBook - it doesn’t have any impact on your main database which is stored on the Nucleus.

If that works you can delete ‘Roon_old’. If not, to return you back to where you started, delete the new ~/Library/Roon folder and rename ‘Roon_old’ back to ‘Roon’.

EDIT: I’m not Roon staff, but the above should help.

Thanks! Not sure why Roon tech support hasn’t responded so I appreciate the reply.

Unfortunately, this solution doesn’t help, as there is no library folder on my Mac? I erased the Roon app and there are no other Roon files on my machine. The core is on the Nucleus so I’m guessing the library is there? That seems to be where I back it up from as well.

Can’t get the app to connect to the nUcleus from the Mac, the iPad & iPhone have no issues. I’m perplexed.

Library folder is kinda hidden:

MacintoshHD/Users/[your username] then right click and select “Show View Options” and check “View Library Folder”.


As @Rockhound mentioned, you can navigate to your user folder and change the view options. Or, and perhaps this is a bit easier:

  1. Hold down the Option key and open the Go menu in the Finder.
  2. Select Library from the list of places.

This will open you user library folder and then you’ll be able to rename the Roon folder.

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ahh, now I see it. thanks guys! will try to fix tonight

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