Roon on non core computers

How do i access and use roon on my non core computers? Roon is running on my Mac Mini as “core” how to I access and listen to Roon on my Macbook and my iMac. Do I need the Roon application on my “other” computers?

Yup, more details and step-by-step here.

@mike - that’s a good page of instructions. However, I see no way of getting to it from the main FAQ entry point. It is probably worthy of a link on the FAQ page?

Come to think of it, perhaps there should be links for both Core and Remote installations here?

I wish there was a setup guide it would help so much I’m so tired of typing.

Would you explain to me the setup pages the audio tab what does that all mean? why is there HDMI on there? what is “Core Audio”. I only got it to work by trying everything and systematicaly writing it down it took hours. How come my micrRendu show on the “Network” devices but my other computers do not? Ther is nowhere to go for answers I searched the “forums” no help there the so called “knowlege base” has nothing of use in it. what is a C/ drive? some windoze term I’m a Mac user. Trying to attach a NAS drive there is no help.

@Mike, Taking Geoff’s comments on board … IMHO now that there is a KB the FAQ pages should be migrated to the KB and the only FAQ page here in the forum should be a link to the KB.

[quote=“Richard_Thorpe, post:5, topic:14038”]
why is there HDMI on there?
[/quote]This is because the Mac Mini has HDMI output that Roon can stream to, I’ve you are not using it just disable and ignore.

[quote=“Richard_Thorpe, post:5, topic:14038”]
How come my microRendu show on the “Network” devices but my other computers do not?
[/quote]The microRendu supports RAAT, Roons network protocol, presumably your other networked devices do not. Have a read of the Roon partner programs in the Knowledge Base for more details.

PC’s / Mac’s / Linux devices can have RoonBridge installed which does support RAAT. These device (suitable audio hardware) can then be used as audio endpoint (zones) by the Roon Core.