Roon on NUC + Qobuz

I am looking for a NUC on which I will install ROON server, my music files (flac) are on a NAS.

I also use Qobuz.

Can you confirm me that in tat case, no Qobuz music files will be located/stored on my NUC. Qobuz music will always streamed from Qobuz server to Roon server, then to my Sonos in my case.

Question in order to be sure a 256 Go SSD is enough on my futur NUC.


That’s right. Music being streamed is not stored locally on your drives.
It’s included in your database, but that takes up space on the dedicated M2 drive used for Roon ROCK OS… Because that’s just Metadata, it’s a LOT less space.

Hi @Stephane_Cherie,

Yes, this is correct. Qobuz media files will only be streamed and not downloaded to the NUC. Do note that metadata will still take up some space depending on the amount of tracks you have added, but it should be well under 256GB.

Just one other thing that sometimes gets overlooked, that 256GB M2 SSD can’t be used for ANY music. It’s dedicated to ROCK and the database…
It sounds like you understand this, but it is often misunderstood.

Thanks for your replies !

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