Roon on Nucleus does not always see Kef LS50-W speaker on the network

I have been a new setup of Roon with a nucleus, year to year, but will upgrade to lifetime if all issues are resolved.

I have it Ethernet attached to my network (Orbi base with 2 satellites) Xfinity 160 MG/ down-10 MB-up typical speed. I am running Roon on their nucleus/Tidal and music loaded via USP WD 1TB My Passport Ultra drive, which can normally see the Kef LS50-W and attach to them.

Issue: Sometimes cannot see my Kef LS50-W, or states lost connection with Kef LS50-W, though I can still see the Kef LS50-W (Ethernet) on my network. What would cause this, and how to stop this?

Is there any wireless involved in the data path between the ls50w and the nucleus? If so, first step would be eliminate that and see if the problem goes away.

No the LS50W are Ethernet hard-wired.

Does it show up again after power cycling the KEF LS50W?

Try switching the LS50W input away from wireless/ethernet to, say… optical, or aux, or usb, then back to wireless/ethernet. That does the trick with mine.
I’m connected via wi-fi though.

Hey @David_Wilson1,

I wanted to check in and see if you’ve been able to get things working better for you here. If you’re still seeing this issue, can you elaborate a bit more on your current networking setup?

Are your devices connected via Ethernet directly to the main router or are they connected to the satellites? Are there any switches involved?