Roon on Onkyo DP-X1 DAP

I love this DAP very much. It should be streaming Tidal MQA shortly!

I digress. I downloaded the Roon app for android on the DP-X1 and was wondering how to get to lossless quality through the stream. THe source and the phone are showing up as lossless, but the output OS mixer is holding down to high quality. How do I rectify this?


I agree. I just ordered a 3.5mm to stereo RCA cable so I can use my DP-X1 to stream MQA decoded files to my desktop system. Can’t wait to try it.

Hi have you selected exclusive mode in the audio device settings?

I guess I have to find a setting on the Onkyo as a DAC to make it exclusive. I did it with the audioengine a2+ speakers.

I have not found the setting under the roon android app to do this yet, and am eagerly awaiting the ability to get MQA through Roon or Tidal separately so I can hear it first hand!

Where is your Roon core on what machine? Can you post screenshots of your audio settings for the DP-X1 zone from Roon and your signal path when playing a file. This might give us some more pointers to help you.

The Roon Core is on my MacBook Air. I can post screenshots this evening. I tried putting the DP-X1 in exclusive mode but cannot seem to find the setting.


I don’t think you can use the DP-X1 as a USB DAC.